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Where have you guys been!??

Lot’s going on in the last couple months. We sold 80% of our stuff, took one one of our last family camping trips and have almost retired all of our debt!


One of the big questions we get is, “How are you guys going to afford to travel the world?” We do actually have a plan! Part of that plan has been in the making for over a year and has come to a screeching painful crash landing.

One year ago we discovered a piece of commercial real estate for sale and we had visions

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of building an espresso stand on it. If there is one business that is our wheel house it is the coffee business. We have been in the Industry since 1997 and it is our first love. After a year however, it will not happen. We have spent a year and a considerable amount of money, only to be told that the property we have been trying to purchase is no longer for sale. The story is much longer and we are seeking legal counsel, but it will not happen.

Enter Parkinson’s Law! This is the law that states that any task will swell or shrink to fit into the time allotted. The time frame is 189 days and the task is figure out how to make $2,000 a month free of location. This is where we are getting into the number one question…. HOW?!

Before we get into how let me quickly talk about where we got that $2,000 figure. If you are reading this, chances are you live in the US or other Western country. Where we live in the US currently it costs us over $5,000 a month to live. Rent, groceries, fuel, insurance and the like add up very quickly. We live in Snohomish County Washington which has been one of the fastest growing counties economically in the US for the last year. It costs a lot of money to live here. In most of the rest of the world it costs WAY less. With a bit of research of places we want to explore we have discovered that we can live at least to our current comfort level (in many cases better) on an average of $2,000 a month. Some countries less, some more, but the average is about $2,000.

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Okay. How are we doing it?

Amy teaches English as a second language. She got her certification Earlier this year and is currently teaching online to Chinese children for about $22 per hour. The class was inexpensive but did take several weeks and a commitment to learn. It was not a “pencil whipped” course by any means. Amy worked hard and had to create lesson plans and classes to pass.

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It is pass or fail and if you fail there are no “do overs” She got a contract job that she has recently renewed. As business people we are working together to create a curriculum that focuses on Customer service and hospitality at high end hotels and resorts that we can market online classes and even personal conferences. I am currently utilizing my experience with Salesforce to take my Administrator Certification. Salesforce Administrator is currently  the 7th highest IT support career being sought currently. I will use this certification to consult and work contracts for companies remotely.

The other key piece to our escape is a workaway.info. This website is travel gold! There are people and companies all over the world that are looking for volunteer help. They are willing to exchange room and board in exchange for on average 20 hours per week. These work away programs include anything from speaking conversational English in Vietnam, to helping at an Eco Farm in Belize to helping at a wedding venue in Switzerland! There are many ways to work for room and board! The best part is that when you are done working your grueling 4-5 hour day, you are in another Country! You are not going to go back to your place and surf Netflix, you are going to go explore and immerse yourself in the culture. If we are working for room and board, then our costs even get lower!


Fact is that it takes more money to live right here where we are now than it will for us to travel and work our way around the world. Stay tuned here for specifics and a map of just how we are doing it. First things first . . .get out of debt! We are so close and that is the anchor keeping us from our freedom!



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