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We are Roger & Amy Sullivan, future Vagabonders.

I would bet the most of you are just like us. Always dreaming about the future when we can travel the world and see amazing things that we have just read about or heard about from others. We want to go and experience so many things, after all the world is a big and wondrous place. Maybe one day we will have the money to jet set all over the world and travel with the likes of the super rich. Up until recently, we thought just that. That world travel was for the rich and ultra wealthy. Recently, we had an epiphany.

Ask anyone if they would like to be a millionaire and of course they would answer yes. We have been conditioned in this country that money will solve most of our problems. At the least it will make you be able to handle the ones that it cannot in style right? We have learned recently that people do not really want to be millionaires. What they actually want is the life that they believe being a millionaire will provide. If you begin to understand the reality of that, then you may be able to understand what we are planning on doing.

We have been married for over 25 years now. We have four boys that are all adults and are building their own lives. We are a simple middle class couple with regular jobs and an at the beginning of this adventure a few months ago now, had an average amount of debt. While we have regular full time jobs, those close to us would call us Entrepreneurs. We have created and owned several businesses that have taught us many things, including not being afraid to dream and to act on those dreams.

Recently we have read two books that have changed our lives. The first book was Vagabonding by Rolf Potts. The book is a first person account of traveling the world for an extended time. He does this with no “job” and no trust fund. He shows you how well you can live around the world for a fraction of what we would normally think it would cost. The second book was, The 4 Hour Work Week, by Tim Ferriss. This book is a paradigm shifter! It will melt your brain and you will have to reread it just to be sure you heard what you think you did. Tim blows our traditional American Dream thinking apart.

Please do not misunderstand. We love America and the freedoms that it represents. We love the American dream and that in the United States, everyone has an equal playing field to pursue their dreams. What Tim does in his book however, is shows you that you can attain this American dream outside of the “rat race” or the typical “9-5”.

Armed with the knowledge from these two books we have realized that we can live that millionaire lifestyle more quickly that we thought and more astonishingly, we can live it without the millionaire title.

At the beginning of this year, 2016, we have begun to implement our three year plan. This blog will serve as the platform for us to share how we are planning, executing, and ultimately living our dream of traveling the world for the rest of our lives.

We share this with you in hopes that many of you will follow along on our adventures and that we can inspire you to literally join us in exploring all this world has to offer!



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