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Time to Give Back

We have been on the road for 9 months!

So we have been on the road for 9 months. In 9 months we have slept in over 50 places and been in 8 countries. We have seen some amazing things, met some awesome people and created memories that are truly unbelievable. Or lives have turned out pretty amazing but it was not always like this. Mostly it was quite the opposite.

We were young and ill equipped 

Amy and I married right out of High School. She was actually pregnant at Graduation and though there was not actual shotgun at our wedding, you can imagine that the parents were not as happy as they could have been. By the time I was 26, I was the father of 4 boys and still a boy myself. We looked pretty good on the outside. We went to church and smiled a lot but inside I was terrified. I had no idea what I was doing. I remember one evening coming home from work and was greeted by our oldest. At the time he was just 2 and after tackling me at the door he asked me for his favorite snack; some cheese. I did what any father would do of course, I went to get the refrigerator to get my son some cheese. When I opened it up, there was no cheese. There was no anything actually. The disappointment in my son’s eyes was more than I could bear. It was in that exact moment I realized how ill prepared I was to be a father and responsible for a whole family of humans. 

I traded all of the hours I had.

We married so young that neither of us had any formal education so all we knew was to trade hours for dollars. If I wanted more money I had to trade more hours and I did. I kept trading hours until there were no more to trade. I was maxed out. Bills and life on the other hand, they have no max. they keep piling up regardless of your limitations. We started the game of pay day and high interest signature loans moving money around like we knew what we were doing.

A newspaper ad changed the course of our lives forever.

Around this time I answered an ad in the paper for an Entry- Level Sales position. I put on a tie and drove to a hotel conference room in Downtown Seattle. I was so nervous I actually began to break out in a sweat and my heart felt like it was going to pound right out of my chest as I made my way into the hotel. Honestly I thought about turning around and just leaving. Honestly I wasn’t nervous, I was scared. I sat in a room with about 12 other people and watched my first Multi Level Marketing presentation. I was memorized. This guy up front was talking about dreams and fortunes and he was telling me the opposite of what everyone else in the world was telling me. He told me that there was another way. There was a smarter way. He told me I could do it!

25 years of Entrepreneurship.

That began us on a journey that has lasted more than 2 1/2 decades and ultimately where we are today. During that time we  searched and tried just about everything. We have been a part of several MLM or Network Marketing companies, We have bought and used late night real estate no money down systems, Don Lapre’s Direct Mail Campaign and even stuffed envelopes! We operated brick and mortar businesses also like a drive thru coffee stand and a wholesale delivery business that covered the Western half of Washington State. I have created a Moonshine product that was distributed nationally and I have even walked the hallway and stood on the carpet on ABCs Shark Tank. If there was a way to make money at home or on the side we tried it.  We made money and we lost money. We were scammed and even had money stolen from us. Obviously we have succeeded more than we have failed and over the last 25 years we have learned what works and how to identify a legitimate thing. We currently have income supporting us from 5 different streams.

Making money online is not all Lambos, Yachts and laptops on the beach.

One of the things we get asked most is how do we make money to support ourselves and when we say that we make money online it immediately conjures up images of dudes in front of  Super Cars and yachts or somebody with a perfect tanned body on a beach with a laptop somewhere. All of that crap you see on Social Media is hype and propaganda. Most of it, sadly is BS. Shysters who have mastered the art of the sale and use the psychology of the sale to take advantage of people. We have been their victims before. Even if what they are selling is good, they never provide the support and training to make the buyer successful. Even worse, sometimes the charge for another thing to help with the first and it just goes on.

We are going to create a brand new stream of income with you.

Since we are so amazingly blessed to be able to travel this rock full time we have decided we wanted to help some others figure out how to make a little extra money. We are going to create a brand new stream of income and show some of you exactly how we do it. We are actually going to invite a few people along with us to mirror and do the same thing we will do to create the new stream of income right along with us.

Affiliate Marketing

We have been looking into Affiliate Marketing for a while now and have decided to jump right into the deep end and take you with us!Affiliate marketing is basically getting a commission for a referral to someone else’s product or service. Like when someone online reviews a new backpack and then puts a link below the review for you to purchase the same bag. The actual seller of the bags gives the reviewer a kickback as a thank you for the referral. The reviewer did not have to sell the product he simply made the introduction. Where the big players are in the Affiliate world are making real money is in services and membership sites. Companies who offer monthly ongoing services that people pay monthly for pay commissions based on that monthly fee. Instead of getting a commission one time for a back pack, you could get an ongoing monthly commission over and over as long as the person you referred remains a customer!

100 Day Affiliate Challenge

We have been a part of a company for a while now like this. We pay a monthly fee for SAAS or Software as a Service. The company helps us sell a few things for another revenue stream. We have recently discovered that they not only have a generous Affiliate program, they also have a 100 day course that teaches the skills to be successful as an Affiliate Marketer!

Cost $997  FREE

The Course that they have put together looks solid. I say that based on my experience with the company and the fact that I went through a very similar course and challenge as part of my training with how to use the software they sell. They have charged $997 for this course in the past. There have been countless people who have used it to become successful as Affiliate Marketers. These are solid techniques that can be used to market many different types of products. Because I am a current user of the products the fee for this course is waived for me and anyone I refer. They are willing to do this because as the focus of the 100 days we will be promoting their products and services as the subject of the course.

Plus an Accountability Group Plus Coaching

We are going to be inviting a few people to walk through this with us and we are putting together a Mastermind Private group for accountability and also for me to provide coaching along the way. This is coaching that I have charged over $2000 for in the past. Masterminds like this can cost upwards of $10,000! A few people will have the opportunity to get this all for free!

The Course -FREE    The Mastermind Group – FREE    The Coaching-FREE

Whats the Catch?

The catch is that you have to commit to 100 days. You have to be willing to open an email and spend the time to learn and execute what you learn. It will take on average about an hour a day. There are also some tools that you will need to buy in order to promote and execute this challenge. You will need to buy a domain and email service (not gmail) like a real domain from someplace like Godaddy.com. Amy and I will help you with that and it is less than $20. During the course of the challenge you will also be spending money on Facebook ads. This money is dependent on you. You may spend $20 on ad spend you may spend $100 it is up to you and hard to determine.

Our Personal Guarantee

The biggest outlay of cash is one that comes with a personal guarantee from Amy and Me. In order to be a part of this affiliate program you will need to be a customer of the company as we will use their services to build the pages and things necessary to promote their products. After a 14 day trial, it will cost $97 a month. Amy and I are so confident in you that we will make you this promise and guarantee. If after completing the 100 days and following the instructions you are not making at least $500 per month in commissions, we will personally refund the $291 you will have spent for the 100 days of the service. 

This Sounds Great For Someone Else, But Not For Me

I don’t know Roger this sounds kind of techy this isn’t for me. It is absolutely for you! I have spent thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars on webpages because I had no idea how to code or write HTML CSS full blah blah, blah. I have been held hostage by tech guys who knew how to do that crap and gotten frustrated when I just needed a picture changed, NOT ANY MORE! If you can drag and drop and know how to click and paste you will do just fine. They have made a fortune because they are makng it easy!

Roger, you mentioned Facebook ads… I do not know how to do that.  This course is days of assignments that build on the previous day. We will be learning exactly how to place a Facebook ad through the course and I am here to help as well. It is not that hard. We will learn how to create offers and ads that grab people’s attention.

You Have Two Choices

Basically you have 2 choices at this point. This 100 Day Challenge and course is happening with or without you and honestly I am already earning enough to be traveling the world.

1 – you can say no thank you and just go back to wondering how you can make some extra money doing what you are doing now and have always done. If that is you I am sorry but I understand. Going into business for yourself is not for everyone.

2 – You can say yes to making and extra $500 to $4000 per month for only 100 days and a couple hundred dollars.

What Would You Do With Extra Money Every Month?

Could just $500 per month change your life? Would it cover your car payment? Buy Groceries? Pay for that awesome family vacation next year? Maybe it could retire your debt or start a college fund for your kids? I am willing to bet you could find a use for some extra money. 

You Get:

100 Day Affiliate Boot Camp      $997              FREE

Private Mastermind Group       $10,000          FREE

Coaching from Amy and Me      $2,000           FREE

The best time to start making extra money was yesterday, the second best time is right now!

What do you have to lose?

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