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Travel Tip Tuesday – Passports

For the love of all that is sacred, PROTECT YOUR PASSPORTS!

I just have to write this one. When you are traveling your passport is almost priceless. While you can replace it, the task can be very challenging, especially if abroad. Since hitting the road less than 4 weeks ago I have heard no less than three lost or stolen passport stories just here in Vietnam.

Protecting your passport does not mean carrying it with you all of the time. In fact, exactly the opposite! Your passport should always be locked in your safe at your hotel or hostel or just back at your AirBnb. The only time you should have your passport on your person is if you are

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traveling and need it for the airport or such. I have heard stories our people losing their passport after a night of drinking or flat out getting robbed. Please just do not carry it. If hotel staff need it for check in (which is absolutely normal) They will make a copy and give it right back. If you feel like you need to carry it just make a copy of the information page and a copy of the page carrying the stamp of the country you are in. In addition, I would never leave my actual passport with a vendor in exchange for a motorbike or car. I am willing to pay more and keep my passport.

If you absolutely feel like you have to carry your passport, please carry it in a great safe bag, with an RFID pocket like a Pacsafe Metrosafe LS250 and for God’s sake do not get drunk or go out to party in an unknown area alone!

If your passport is stolen report it immediately! It can be expensive and your Passport duration can be shortened for each lost Passport. I have heard stories of one individual who has had their passport lost or stolen a few times and the US will only issue them a passport for a year at a time instead of 10 years.


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