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The Three Year Plan

So after reading a couple books and hearing about how other people all over the place are selling their crap and hitting the road, we had a real decision to make. Do we keep doing what we have been doing and hope for great vacations or do we drink the kool-aid and take a leap.

We seriously started to talk about how we could actually get out of this rat race and make this a reality. We are like most Americans. We have debt, jobs and a life with family and friends. We looked at what kind of sacrifices would need to be made and the rewards that we could realize.



We are in our mid 40’s right now. Our kids are for all intensive purposes grown and self sufficient. Our youngest is 19 and while he lives at home he has a grown up job and does well at taking care of himself. (and us at times if the truth be known!) Our other children are already building their own lives with partners and even children. We have always been a very close family and this was by far the biggest item on our sacrifice list. Living a life of adventure would take us out of the daily lives of our family, or would it?

We had a conversation with our kids at one of our Thursday Family Dinners and asked them what they thought of this crazy idea. They were surprisingly super supportive! The only real caveat was that we always be somewhere cool when they decide to vacation so they can come see us! Like I mentioned we have always been a close family and really this was the only approval we really needed. In the words of our youngest, “It is time to nut up or shut up!”

We began to formulate a plan and wanted to be ultra conservative. We decided that we would need to be debt free first of all and that we would like to have an income source of roughly $2000 a month. We figured that we could make a great start in our world vagabonding adventure with that. We sat down and created our 3 year plan. It was rudimentary at best.

The original 3 year plan

The original 3 year plan

Year 1 – Become debt free

Year 2 – Attend an International Living Conference

Year 3 – Have jobs online and income equaling $2k per month

The Three year plan started officially on January 1, 2016. We began immediately focusing on our debt. every spare cent has gone into it. We had student loans, a car payment and a bit of credit card debt. Comparatively, not horrible but around $30,000.  We have already in just about 3 months been able to pay that down to under $8,000!

We have expanded the 1st year to include a trip outside of the US, Which meant Passports! I already had mine from working in Mexico but Amy had to get hers and now it is getting real! We came across a great deal that we could not pass up. Not exactly bootstrapping but a 12 day cruise through Central America will give us four countries! We plan on doing a few tourist things, after all it is a vacation but, we will also do some work researching hostels and work away programs.

We are just 3 months into a 3 year plan and it already seems like it may be an 18 month plan. It is truly amazing what you can accomplish together when you have a common goal that you are working on. Single minded of purpose times 2!!! Decisions are made running it through a very simple filter; will this get us Vagabonding any sooner?

We just want to share with you that we are people just like you. We are not special or privileged in any way. We have simply made a choice and hope to show you that you can too!

Thank you for checking us out and stay tuned to see how we actually do it!

Roger & Amy

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