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The Power of Decision.

I feel like maybe you deserve a little more background on us. For those of you following or just joining you may be asking yourself, “How can they do this?”

When we explain to people what we are planning most are romanticized about the idea. I think that most people love the idea of travel. Seeing far away places that they may have seen on television or heard about from someone else who has been there. The white sand beaches and tropical climate of Coastal Thailand or the hot springs of Iceland while the Northern Lights dance above are just a few images that we have seen and want to throw on the bucket list.

When we are speaking to people about us literally selling our stuff and giving it up for long term travel and the adventure of our lives we see people inspired and excited . . . then something changes. Then next thing to inevitably come up is a phrase similar to this. “That is so great that you guys can do that! I could just never do it because of (insert excuse here.)

Please understand that I do not mean this in a criticism in ANY way. This is where our background comes into play and I hope to share how we think and perhaps inspire you a bit.

When I was 18 I had the opportunity to meet a man that opened up a world for me that I never knew existed. Basically through a business opportunity I realized that I am where I am because of the decisions I have made up unto that point. If I want a different result, I simply decide a different action. At a very early age I realized that I am responsible for me and what I get out of life. I learned how to dream and how such a simple thing as a decision was literally the most powerful tool in my toolbox. I actually had the power to live whatever life I wanted. A decision is a powerful tool. An actually decision makes up your mind and moves you toward that decision regardless of obstacle or challenge.

If you have truly decided something there is nothing that can stop you. Well, almost. The biggest problem anyone has in their life is them selves. The good news is that the solution to that biggest problem is also . . . themselves.

We easily can make an excuse for anything. We can justify our decision to however we choose. People are making decisions everyday that affect the direction of their lives and if they could just see that they are already using the decision tool, they could change their lives however they wished. You see, when you say something like, I can’t because . . . “) you are making a decision. You are justifying to yourself a reason that you are going in the direction you are. Your mind will adapt to that decision and continue to move forward. What if you started changing that though or statement just a tiny bit.What if you just dropped the contraction? What if instead of saying “I can’t because” you simply said “I CAN because . . .?

There is a ridiculous amount of power in saying, “I CAN” If you back that up with a reinforcement like we so often do like a justification; “I can BECAUSE . . .” you had added gasoline to a burning fire. You start a chain reaction where you mind begins to find other “becauses” and they stack on top of each other and before you know it you look back and you are traveling down a completely different road and gaining momentum.

This is how Amy and I live our lives. We are constantly saying “We can”. We can start a family before 20, even though the odds are against us. We can make it through this storm or struggle even though most might divorce. We can open a business with no money even though we are on food stamps. We can create a new product and get it into the market even though we have no education. We can leave the safety of jobs and travel the world even though we have no giant trust fund.

All of this because someone who’s name I cannot even remember told me that I could do anything and have anything I wanted if I just decided. With the world at our fingertips and information more available than anytime in history, it is easy to find someone in any situation that has had bigger obstacles than we face or come from even more dire circumstances and overcome. Why because they decided. The took responsibility for them selves and got it done. They put in the work and live life how they choose.

We are leaving at the end of 2017 because we have decided to do so. We could easily find reasons not to. Family, careers, businesses and “responsibilities. Instead we cannot stop thinking of the reasons for us to go on the greatest adventure of our lives.

While the purpose of this blog is to share in our adventure, we hope that it inspires those of you following to seek out your dreams no matter what they are. You are so blessed to have been given choice and authority to control your destiny. Live life on your terms and seek out happiness wherever it may be.



Do not watch this unless you want to be inspired to decide.

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