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Still Here and Downsizing

So 2016 was a busy year for us. We traveled quite a bit. We made it 7 countries and a new continent. We have so many pictures that we have been trickling them out in an effort not overwhelm all of you. Also we did not have access to popular social networking sites during our stay in China. OMG how did we survive!? People see our pictures and think that we are gone again!

It is funny how we will see someone at church or run into an acquaintance that looks astonished to see us because they thought we were gone again. This is the year that we are getting ready for the “big one”. The trip round the world. This is a year of minimizing our possessions, paying off our debt and preparing for long term travel. Of course we are still doing some fun things like going to San Francisco in a couple weeks and to Las Vegas in a couple months to cross seeing Hans Zimmer in concert off of Amy’s Bucket list.


n planning for our downsize, we are in a bit of shock right now as we look at all of our stuff and wonder how we ever accumulated so much stuff. Boxes and totes of things that we have not used in years and things we had forgotten we even had. Hanging onto things because “You never know when we may need these again”. I look into our garage and wonder why do I still have a tub of drywall mud or a huge mixing bit that goes onto a plug in drill that I do not even have. Why do we have a tote full of Tarps and another of air mattresses and floaty things and we are a bit sickened.

The thought of having all of what we own in two backpacks is a terrifyingly exciting thought. To not be weighed down by our things and to be free to choose how and what we do without the anchor of stuff! We do of course have a very small list of things we will be keeping and have one of the kids store but it is minimal and mostly things that cannot be bought. Our memory boxes and things like that the server as memories.

Last weekend we got the first of our two backpacks, a 65 liter Pacsafe backpack. I have 95% of what I have complied as my necessities for my survival.

Clothes, toiletries and minimal electronics. I will actually post the list when we get closer later this year. I packed the backpack with almost everything that I will be packing with the exception of one pair of shoes still to be purchased, including our 26 liter day pack and zipped it all up. It was an experiment to be sure I have chosen the right size and to see how heavy it was, comfort etc. What I did not expect was when I walked back into my closet, I still had SO MANY CLOTHES!!! Then walking around looking at everything in our house that was not in that backpack made me realize, probably for the first time the reality of how much “stuff” we have that we just will not need.

Now please do not think of us as some crazy couple that is going all hippie. We have just made this decision because it supports what we want to do. We want to travel the world and see and experience different people, places and cultures. We can only really do that if we embark on a long term trip. We can only do that if we do not have things holding us back because we have to support the storage and maintenance of things that do not contribute to what we have determined to be important to us. Instead of needing more money to travel and live a world traveler lifestyle, we have opted on having less things and therefore needing less money. It is certainly not a decision that everyone can make and there are sacrifices we are making that some would never consider themselves and that is okay!  We are just taking a different road and finding happiness along the way. Thanks for sharing in our adventure!

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