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Selling it all, Minimalism and burning boats.

Garage sale, Minimalism

A lot has happened in the last few weeks so let me catch you up!

3 weeks ago we had our first BIG garage sale. I mean we were ruthless. It could have had something to do with seeing the Minimalists the week before, but we knew this was coming. If we were not going to use in in the next 8 months, it was time for it to go.


Us with Ryan and Joshua – The Minimalists

We got rid of literally 80% of our stuff! From tables and bookcases to kitchen appliances and clothing it went! We will admit we were a bit anxious about some of the stuff and we were also clearly emotionally attached to somethings but we still let them go.


7am – Breakfast in hand and ready to get rid of our stuff!

Garage sales bring out some weird things in people. Like most everyone feels like they HAVE to negotiate. Why? Why are we conditioned to low ball someone on something that is clearly a good deal then get offended when we counter or just say no. It is comical and for a couple like us who LOVE to people watch it was the entertainment we needed to get through a beautiful weekend that we spent peddling our possessions in the driveway.

Admittedly we were reluctant to just let some things go . . . on Saturday that is.

Sunday morning rolled around and again we were pulling out more stuff from the garage and the weight of all of it just seemed so much! our attitude began to sour about all of it with every trip from the garage to the driveway. Instead of our possessions we saw just a bunch of crap that at the end of the day just had to go. It was not going to fit in our back packs so it had to go. We started just taking offers, pretty much no latter what it was. We even just gave some of it away to families and people who looked like they could really use it. We began to see how our stuff could be a blessing in someone else’s life. and it went. Almost all of it went by the end of that second day. We have a few bigger items left that we will try and sell online or with the rest of the stuff in the sail of what remains in January before we start living out of our backpacks. The rest of the small stuff was donated to a local charity that came and picked it all up.

We had so much fun telling people about our plan to sell it all to start traveling the world. Telling them how we have been planning this for well over a year and how we are paying off our debt and how we plan on supporting ourselves. We had a couple people tell us that we were just like that couple they saw in the local paper that were doing the same thing!

us in the Herald

Us in the local paper – read the article here

 Um . . .  that was us.!We all got a big laugh out of that and maybe some of them are even reading this blog now.

After it was all said and done we have this amazing feeling of relief. the burden of all of that stuff is gone and honestly . . . we do not even realize its gone for the most part. In fact just today I grabbed a pencil on the desk and it was dull. “Hey Babe, do we still have a pencil sharpener or did we get rid of it?” I asked. “Nope!” was her response. So I do not have a pencil sharpener anymore. What will I ever do? Hahahaha. We will figure it out.

It is a bit surreal walking around the house and seeing almost bare and empty rooms. We literally have two bedrooms that are virtually empty and there is little more in our garage than our cars and a refrigerator and freezer. Cupboards are empty of dishes, storage containers and even many pots and pans.


Empty Bedroom


No stuff on the shelf!

We are living a minimalist life right now with only the things in our house that bring us joy or value. Just the things we need for the next 8 months and we can get rid of the rest.

For us, this journey of minimalism is the means to an end. Necessary for us to fulfill a dream and start traveling without burdens.

When Captain Hernan Cortez gave the command to his men in 1519 to burn his boats when arriving to conquer Mexico, he knew there was going to be no turning back. Well friends, The Sullivan’s boats have been lit on fire!


Burning the boats removes the excuses!


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Comments (3)

  • Matthew Wetmore 5 years ago Reply

    As Tony Robbins would say, “If you want to take the island, burn the boats”. You guys are inspiring! When did you decide you wanted to embark on Vagabonding? What inspired you?

    I’m reading the book “Vagabonding” by Rolf Potts and loving every second of it. It is the exact lifestyle I’ve been craving but have been fearful of committing to the decision!

    Roger & Amy 5 years ago Reply

    Well that book was the book that made us realize that you did not need a trust fund to travel the world. We have always loved travel and we began to think differently about travel after that book. The next book that put us over the proverbial edge was “the 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss. Be warned, you will view the “American Dream” outside of the box and I bet you follow suit in just a short time! Good Luck and please keep in touch. We hope to inspire others to follow their dreams while they can. Our “Cancer” years are not promised to us. Why do we spend the most productive years of our lives working for someone else’s dream?

    admin 4 years ago Reply

    Checking in with you! Have your lit the fuse to burn the boats?!

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