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Policy Genius Interview – How to Ditch the American Dream

Roger & Amy Sullivan in Jodhpur India

We recently did an interview with Policy Genius.

Recently we did an interview with Policy Genius titled, “How to Ditch the American Dream”.  During the interview we share some great insights. More importantly we talk about how we decided to ditch our stuff and travel long term. Even more, we talk about paying off our debt and how we budget along the way.


Roger & Amy Sullivan in Jodhpur India


Vagabonding, Debt and Budget

In this candid interview we talk about the decision to leave the traditional 9-5 to pursue something different. Author contributions from Tim Ferriss and Rolf Potts are credited for our Vagabonding inspiration. We discuss the discipline it takes to pay off debt and live on a budget while traveling the world.

We came from very modest backgrounds and you can really get to know us and hear our full story here “Who are you guys”

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