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Let’s Vagabond Tuesday Travel Tip #6

Be open and the trip that you were meant to take will happen.

We learned this lesson last year in Belize.  We were on an 11 day cruise in Central America and we had one day in Belize. Belize was an early candidate for us to retire in and we were very excited about being there. One of the coolest things in Belize if the great Blue Hole. It is truly a site to behold.

Amy wanted to see it and booked a private flight to fly to and around it allowing us to video and take pictures. I of course wanted to dive it, but Amy is not that type of water person so we decided this would be the next best thing.

We spent some time in the morning touring Belize City and then went to the airport to check in for our Chartered flight. After waiting about 30 minutes, we were informed that our plane was having mechanical difficulties and would not be ready for 3 more hours. Those additional 3 hours would not give us enough time to go tour the Blue Hole and get back in time to catch the last tender back out to the Cruise boat. We were disappointed.

Rather than get made and think about what we could not do, we asked if there were any other flights that we could take using the tickets we already purchased. We found out that we could Fly to Caye Caulker and spend some time there before flying back in plenty of time to catch that last tender.

It turns out that that was the trip we were supposed to take because it was AWESOME!

You can read about that day here.

Be open and flexible. When you have challenges focus on the possibilities and go with the flow. This travel tip is a requirement more than a tip.

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SO happy we made it here!


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