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Lets Vagabond Travel Tip Tuesday #7

Take a day . . . at least.

Traveling days are exhausting!

We have made the mistake of packing everyday of our vacation. Motivated by squeezing every drop of time out of our vacation, we end up going back to work as the walking dead. Does this sound familiar?


Get home at 10:00pm and destroy your suitcases trying to unpack the minimum necessary to go to bed and make yourself presentable the next morning. Fall asleep around 11:30. Wake up at 5:00am begging for your clock to be wrong. Jet lagged you trudge off to work nodding off at every stoplight. You arrive at work and no one will leave you alone, wanting to hear all about your trip. You finish work looking forward to a nice long night of sleep only to have that dream crushed when you come home to find the mess you lest last night before bed. Your suitcases have erupted like the monkeys you saw in Guatemala came home with you. Unpacking, Laundry and putting it all away keeps you up late yet another night and you wont get that great nights sleep until tomorrow.

Oh and you traveled with kids?



Yeah been there.

Plan a day at the end of your trip to unwind and adjust back. Sleep in and tackle those suitcases with a Bloody Mary like a civilized person!

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  • Norma 5 years ago Reply

    We ALWAYS got home from a long vacation a day early for this exact reason. Makes so much sense especially when travelling with children

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