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Let’s Vagabond Travel Tip Tuesday #4

Travel is not hard. In fact it is pretty simple and easy for anyone to do. I am surprised at how many things there are to explore in our own backyards.

Vagabonding in Seattle

Tip # 4 – Get out and explore your town or city!

Last weekend we had decided to do the Seattle tourist thing. We were attending the Game of Thrones Concert experience and made a trip of it. We stayed in a hotel rather than going home and got up the next morning and hit some tourist highlights.

An original Crapper in the Seattle Undergpound

We hit the 5 Point Cafe, did the Seattle Undergound Tour in Pioneer Square and went to a local dive with the self acclaimed title of Seattle’s Favorite Pizza Place. We even ran into the Seattle Seafair Pirates!

Pirates at Northlake Tavern

The point here is that the travel experience is not always white beaches, learning a new language or zip lines through a jungle. There is more to experience in your back yard than you may think. I bet even more than you could experience in just a weekend.

Get out and explore!

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