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6 1/2 months on the road!

Wait! What?!

Yup we have been on the road Vagabonding for that long. We are in Australia right now and are staying here for two months in total and basically doing it ALL FOR FREE!

We are going live on Facebook in less than 24 hours!

 Join us as we talk about our adventures so far. Ask us about anything!

Living in Vietnam for 3 months

Our Homestay Host family in Hoi An, Vietnam

Crossing borders and Immigration

Back from the Vietnam Consulate. 90 days in Vietnam!

Planes, trains and Tuk Tuks

Bangkok Railway Station

2 Months in India

Yes that is the Taj Mahal!

Thanksgiving in Bali!?

Living and and working to pay for our stay in Australia.

These are just some ideas! We are so excited to be able to chat with you and share how we are living our best lives!

Posted by Let's Vagabond on Friday, October 12, 2018

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