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Blogging our year of lasts!

We have been talking about it and now it is getting real!


We expect to leave next January and it looks like we are heading to Vietnam first. Amy has already signed a contract to teach English as a second language and we are in full swing of downsizing and getting ready.

Looking over the next year it is hard not to think about the annual things that we love to do here but it could be our last year doing them. Vacationing at Banks Lake, Tailgating at Strawberry Fest and Christmas Eggs Benedict with the kids will be changed out for  . . .?

The blog will be focusing on mostly our processes and what we are doing to prepare in our last year here in the states. Currently we have a lot of stuff to get rid of, some debt to pay off and a frigging Espresso stand to build. It is going to be a busy year indeed.

Stay tuned to understand how a middle class middle aged couple with debt family and full time jobs clean house in order to travel the world indefinitely!

Things to look forward to are:

Retiring the debt

Building an income that does not rely on location.

Getting rid of stuff! getting minimalist . . .

Packing for an indefinite amount of time abroad

Picking our location

oh yeah, catching up on our previous travels including China!

If you have questions or would like to know how we came to this crazy decision or what color Roger’s new backpack is, just ask!


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