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Instagram pictures are amazing. Are they reality?

Instagram pictures do not show reality

Five months on the road, and we are sharing our story. I am not a writer by trade, but I do love to tell a story. Likewise, we love to share Instagram pictures, but we are certainly not professionals. I’ll be honest and tell you that one of the reasons we are sharing all of this is to reach out to others. Yes, we want to journal our travels and document as much as we can, but it has a purpose. We want to inspire and share that we are not unique. We are traveling the world, and while it may seem like a dream to most, it is closer to reality than you may actually think. No big deal really, just a few life-changing decisions and a major sacrifices (or seven).

James Bond Island in Thailand

Instagram pictures that make your mouth water for travel.

When we look at “travel bloggers,” there seems to be a pattern to get people inspired to travel. Make no mistake about it: that is the goal of almost all travel blogs–to get you motivated to travel! We look through most of these blogs and see some of the most amazing pictures we have ever seen. There are pictures that capture the perfect moments at sunset, as waves are crashing or just walking down the street. The thing all of these shots have in common is that they are perfect! They are the amazing Instagram pictures that make your mouth water for travel. I am sorry to say that you will not find any of those here.

We have been privy to what goes into making those shots. In fact, we have a whole album on Facebook dedicated to those people trying to catch the perfect shots and become Insta-famous. I never knew how much went into those shots! We have been in several places and seen what it takes to get the perfect shot. moms braiding hair and girls pulling multiple outfits out of a bag are just two examples. They hold up traffic on small bridges and street corners and get offended when people want to just walk by. These people are annoying, we get it. I mean, you’ve all seen the shots, and they are pretty great, right? Certainly you would be disappointed if you saw how they accomplished these perfect pictures! Get an idea by searching Husbands of instagram

Those instagram Pictures are a lot of hard work and involve more that the subject and photographer

Behind the scenes of some of those amazing Instagram Pictures

Im old and set in my ways!

Let me be clear right now. On this blog, you will never see any of those pictures! It is mostly due to the fact that we are just too old and have no motivation to try to create or compete with these travelers. What you will get here is just raw images of what this traveling life is really like. I hope that my conversational style of writing will convey what we are seeing. I want to try to motivate you to leave your comfort zone and see one or all of these places that we are experiencing.

The fact is, we are Generation X’ers. We are in our late 40’s, and while we want to convey the beauty of a location, we want to let you know that you CAN get here. This is not some crazy place out of your reach. Instagram has turned some of these amazing locations into just a backdrop for a growing narcissistic group. We want to focus on the beauty of a location and inspire you to visit and to see the beauty that is missed in a frame.

Now that I think about it . . . we may actually try to re-create some Instagram pics just for fun! I mean, how funny would that be for us to play on the narcissism of the people we laugh at almost daily?

Us trying to figure out how to use our first GoPro on vacation

Is this thing even on?

Make a decision and follow your dreams!

I guess what I am trying to say is that the world is beautiful, and you don’t need a flowing dress or a picture of me jumping on a beach to realize that the sunset is amazing. You know that already. The fact is that you can get to these places and experience them for yourself. If an Instagram picture motivates you, that’s great! If you can see the beauty of a location and that alone speaks to you, then that is great too. Make a decision and follow your dreams. We did it, and you can too!

Instafail Chapora Fort Goa, India

What is more funny? The use of my jacket instead of a scarf or the lack of wind to make it flow?

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