Lets Vagabond Tuesday Travel Tip #5

Prepare for your return.

We were reminded of this last weekend. We were excited about going to Las Vegas and seeing Hans Zimmer in concert. We were also SUPER excited to be in 80 degree sunshine! We currently live about 45 minutes North of Seattle and it has been a typical Puget Sound winter and spring. Rain and in the 40s is pretty typical of our weather. We packed swimsuits and sunglasses. -Well, Amy packed her sunglasses I forgot mine on the front seat of my car. We were prepared for the sun and the temperature!


We were not as well prepared for coming home at 11:00 pm to 50 degrees! Here in lies the reminder for this weeks tip. Pack something to wear for your return! If you just need a jacket be sure to pack it last when leaving your spot and returning so it is easy to get to when you land. For instance, put it in the outside pocket of your suitcase or in your carry on.

We are sure that it works the same returning to warmer weather but we have not experienced that luxury yet!

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