Let’s Vagabond Travel Tip Tuesday #2

Don’t be afraid to get off of the bus!


Traveling is a time for relaxation and exploring. So often we go on a vacation and have an itinerary that is so full that we return home exhausted. How many times have you said that you need a vacation from your vacation when you get home?

Be sure to be flexible and plan time to just have fun and explore. I am not saying to shun the touristy stuff, but take some time to discover the local treasures that are not in the guide book. Find time to explore the culture like a local.

Make friends with the hospitality staff where you stay and eat. They are the best resource for cool stuff to do that may not be well known. If you are on a bus or taxi passing through an area that looks cool, stop, get out and explore.

The best day we had in China last October was when we got off of the tour bus and explored a local Hutong by the Xuanwu Gate. We found great shops, markets and food. It was a culture shotgun blast!2016 China (4)

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