San Francisco . . . The Highlights

There is a Ouija Board Museum in San Francisco Airport.

We conquered the BART (bring earplugs)IMG_1082.JPG

Forgot new selfie stick at home had to buy an over priced tourist model.

Found Chinatown!img_1090

Amy got fortune cookies direct.

Houses in SF are ridiculously expensive!

Walked the Golden Gate Bridge twice! (once with beer)IMG_1154.JPG

80,000 MILES of cable on the GG BridgeIMG_1161.JPG

Lost a $35 MUNI Transit pass in the bill receiver

Rode the Trolley standing up (ding ding)

Saw California Condors flying over the Bridge

Took the wrong bus.IMG_1138.JPG

Locals are SUPER freindly

North Beach is San Franciscan for Italy

Sea Lions are lazy and playful (or very territorial. We are not sure yet)IMG_1185.JPG

Public Transportation is cool and inexpensive but hard to negotiate.

Sakana Sushi was amazing!IMG_1180.JPG

Cafe Mason Was Amazing!

The Rambler was Amazing!

Mama’s was closed on Mondays 😦IMG_1219.JPG

Food is better and Cheaper in Chinatown

Buena Vista was Amazing (french toast)    …psssst they serve Irish Coffee to go!IMG_1243.JPG

Taccolicious Was Amazing! Albacore Tuna Tostada!

are you seeing a theme to our weekend here?

Ibuprofen is candy when you walk 22 1/2 miles in 3 days

We had “that good ice” at the HotelIMG_1177.JPG

Hotel Diva and especially Peter was fantastic.

Amy got busted by TSA for trying to sneak water from terminal 2 into Terminal 3!IMG_1265.JPG

People actually have driveways on the crooked road.IMG_1235.JPG

You can travel the world in the 7 mile by 7 mile city of San Francisco.

We had an amazing time and feel like we really “did” San Francisco!IMG_1146.JPG2016-12-16-06-42-10


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