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113 Days and Counting

March 5th 2018 marks the day we begin our Vagabonding journey. We have purchased tickets and have an itinerary for our first 8 days. Before we get to that let’s talk about what we have been doing.

So you all know that in May we had a big garage sale and sold roughly 80% of our belongings. Since then we have been pecking away at whatever was left on Offer up and Craigslist. We are down to the basics we need to live here in this country. We are looking at the things left and trying to determine if they are worth the time and energy to sell or just donate. The list of things we are keeping is posted for the kids to “volunteer” to keep for us until we either return or call for them to be sent somewhere else. In essence, the stuff is taken care of.

One if the questions we get asked a lot is that about our stuff. People want to know what we are going to do with it all. No doubt, they are, just like you, thinking about the amount of their own stuff. When we started following the Minimalists, we were already primed for it. We were already a year or so into our plan to leave and we knew we had to do something with our stuff but, honestly we were still attached to it. Sure it is easy to tell everyone that you are going to sell all of your stuff and travel the world, but when the rubber hits the road can you pull the trigger?


This is what life is to us. A collage of memories. snapshots of our family trips, events and milestones.

We began to really look at what added value to our life and what was really important. It suddenly became less about the accumulation of things and more about relationships and experiences. At first, getting rid of things was exciting because it was a means to an end. Next, you realize you are more attached to some things than others and it stings a little bit to see them go. Finally though, after it is all gone, you feel like a burden has been lifted. You see, in our consumerist American way of life, we are brainwashed into believing that the accumulation of things is what will make you happy. Advertisers work very hard to make us feel inadequate in some way and offer a brand new shiny flugalbinder as the solution.

For us, Minimalism was necessary for our decision, but the serendipity of it has made us happier than we could have imagined. All that remains are the things that really add value and things that are necessary for the time being. Over the next 113 days we will pare away at the rest of it as we transition to the just what we can carry on our backs. March 5th we head to the airport with our backpacks and one way tickets to Ho Chi Minh City.


The cultural logos at the gateway of Tan Son Nhat Airport by night, located at Hoang Van Thu Park

There is still so much to do and we will be here every Sunday for the next 16 weeks, sharing how we are making it all happen.

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